Friday, September 25, 2009

You may not recognize how important decorating a room is, but the decor can say a lot about a person to anyone who is paying careful attention. The manner in which we design our rooms can and does often indicate the things we like and dislike, and also gives a certain indication of our general character. For those with a practical sense, this characterization will show up in the efficiency of their cabinets and storage in the basement or kitchen. On the other hand, individuals who put in constant days of hard work will likely find themselves decorating their post-work lounge areas in soft neutral tones to help them relax.
Satin sheets and a red color theme in a bedroom will also give insights into a character, though likely a side that few people will see. That’s a good tip for determining the decor for our homes - have different plans for public versus private areas. You might decide to have a party, for example, and won’t you want to have definite separate between private areas and the areas open to the attendees?
It is true that bedrooms are the type of area that is not going to be seen by too many people, and therefore, the home owner typically wants to dedicate a good deal of extravagance on the areas in question. When picking your floor decor, much will depend on how many people travel across your floor daily. As with other types of home decoration, the colors, types, and quality put into the home’s floor can give important clues to the characterization of the individual. Wool carpets are great for the bedroom, but a hard laminate is better for the hallways.
The accessories you choose will also give big tips in what kind of decor you choose. Lighting is a definite tool that should be used to your advantage, as they invariably affect how the room is perceived. A tool that you might want to use is the spotlight, which can either be used to give a nice warm glow, or light areas that truly need it. In addition, you might wish to use this method to take care of decorating the rest of your home.

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