Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ultima Game Collection
This is my current collection of Ultima games


1x Akalabeth: World of Doom (Progame release) - Apple II
1x Ultima I (Sierra) for Atari 8-bit
2x Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress (big-box original release) (Sierra) - Apple II and Atari 800
2x Ultima II small-box second edition (Sierra) - C-64 and Atari ST
2x Exodus: Ultima III (Origin) - Macintosh (and Atari 800 - missing box)
4x Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (Origin) - C-64, Atari 800 and two PC
2x Ultima I (re-release) (Origin) - C64 and PC
2x Ultima Trilogy (Origin) - C64 and PC
4x Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny (Origin) - C64, PC, C-64 (and Amiga - disks only)
2x Ultime VI: The False Prophet (Origin) - PC and C-64
1x Ultima VI Special Edition (autographed, contains tape of interview with Garriott) - PC
1x Ultima VI (GT-Interactive) - PC
1x Ultima Second Trilogy (Origin) - PC
1x Ultima I-VI series (Origin) - PC
1x Worlds of Ultima: Savage Island (Origin) - PC
1x Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams (Origin) - PC
2x Martian Dreams (GT-Interactive) - PC
2x Ultima VII: The Black Gate (Origin) - PC
1x The Forge of Virtue addon for Ultima VII (Origin) - PC
2x Serpent Isle: Ultima VII part II (Origin) - PC
2x The Silver Seed addon for Serpent Isle (Origin) - PC
1x The Complete Ultima VII (Origin) - PC
1x Pagan: Ultima VIII (Origin) - PC
1x Pagan Speech Pack (Origin) - PC
1x Pagan CD-ROM edition (Origin) - PC
1x Ultima Collection (EA/Origin) - PC
1x Ultima Online Charter Edition (EA/Origin) - PC
1x Ultima Online (EA/Origin) - PC
2x Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (Origin) - PC
2x Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds (Origin) - PC
1x Ultima Underworld I and II (Origin) - PC
1x Ultima Underworld (Origin) - Sony Playstation (HK Silver only)
1x Ultima: Exodus (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo NES
1x Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo NES
1x Ultima: Warriors of Destiny (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo NES
2x Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (Sega) - Sega Master System
1x Ultima Runes of Virtue II (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo Gameboy
1x Ultima Runes of Virtue II (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo SNES
1x Ultima The False Prophet (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo SNES
2x Ultima The Black Gate (FCI/Ponycanyon) - Nintendo SNES
1x Ultima IX: Ascension Dragon Edition (EA) - PC

Ultima Cloth Maps
These are the original cloth maps packaged with the Ultima series of computer
role-playing games throughout the years.

Use the small index below to identify each map

(in approximate order of release)

1. The very first map - the original included in the 1982 "big box" edition of Ultima II - The Revenge of the Enchantress. Printed on heavy cloth and features the original Sierra logo.

2. Second-edition copies of Ultima II got this version of the map. Same size as the original, but on thinner cloth, and featuring Sierra's "new" logo. Sierra also switched to a smaller box for these releases.

3. Exodus: Ultima III map from Origin Systems' first issue of the game (8-bit computers). Printed on heavy cotton cloth.

4. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar map from Origin, first issue. Thinner cloth than Ultima III

5. Third and final iteration of the Ultima II map. This one is much smaller, has no Sierra logo at all, and was packaged with the Macintosh and Atari ST versions of the game.

6. Paper maps of the four Ultima I continents. These were included with the 1986 Origin re-release of Ultima I. None of the original versions of Ultima I (California Pacific, Progame and Sierra) came with any maps - these are the only Ultima I maps. The fourth continent is next to Map 8.

7. Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny map, all versions.

8. Ultima III map, second revision. Thinner cloth and a more yellowish tint. Packaged with later releases (Macintosh).

9. Ultima IV map, second revision. Printed on "handkerchief" cloth, it has more contrast than the original, but a cheaper appearance in the art. Came with later releases of Ultima IV.

10. Ultima VI: The False Prophet map.

11. Ultima VII: The Black Gate map.

12. Ultima VII part 2: The Serpent Isle map.

13. Pagan: Ultima VIII map. The only map to not have an "orientation" - not one side is "up." The four corners represent the four elements, and the game was divided into "zones" rather than a full continent map. This was also the first Ultima to fail to live up to the series' standards, getting panned by critics and fans alike.

14. Ultima Online map, original release of UO. Later releases had no cloth map.

15. Ultima IX: Ascension map. Ascension (released in 1999) was the last single-player Ultima, and contained the last cloth map to come from Origin. Too bad the game was terribly buggy.

Other Ultima Maps
These maps are from various console ports, spinoff games and later releases.
They are all printed on paper or cardboard.

Use the small index below to identify each map

1. Ultima: Exodus map from the official hint book (Nintendo version).

2. Ultima: Quest of the Avatar map packaged with the Nintendo port of the game.

3. Ultima Underworld map of the 1st level of the Abyss. Levels 2 through 8 were up to the player to map. PC version.

4. Ultima: Warriors of Destiny map packaged with the (terrible) Nintendo port of the game.

5. Ultima I map containing all four continents on one sheet. Packaged with both The Ultima Trilogy and the CD-ROM Ultima Series collections. Printed on heavy cardboard.

6. Ultima VI map on glossy paper. Came with the GT-Interactive re-release of Ultima VI.

7. Ultima: Black Gate map. Packaged with the Super Nintendo port of Ultima VII.

8. Martian Dreams map. Came only with the original Origin version of the game (GT-Interactive version came with no map).

9. Ultima II map on cardboard. Same game releases as map number 5.

10. Ultima III map on cardboard. Same as number 5.

11. Ultima Underworld II map of Lord British castle. No other parts of this large game were mapped. PC version.

12. Ultima IV thru VI map on cardboard. Same as number 5.

13. Savage Empire map on glossy paper. This was the first "Worlds of Ultima" spinoff, set in land of jungle and dinosaurs.

14. Ultima IV map on glossy paper from the Sega Master System version of the game. Same art as the 2nd version of the PC Ultima IV map.