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BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor Detail

BenQ have introduced their new BenQ V2400W 24” LCD Monitor which, apart from being billed as ‘the world’s thinnest 24” LCD Monitor’ is apparently inspired by the likes of the Northrop B2 Spirit stealth bomber though, in all honestly, we find it hard (if not impossible) to draw any comparisons with a flat screen monitor and the fluid stealthy form of the Spirit.

Not withstanding the distinct possibility that BenQ’s V2400W may well return a far greater radar cross section than the B2 its purportedly inspired by and the fact that the V2400W sports a form hardly comparable with that of a flying wing this is certainly a fine looking device.

BenQ V2400W LCD Monitor with B2

Measuring in at a mere 2.44” in thickness it its thickest point, the V2400W is said to be more than 21% slimmer than the previously thinnest (unspecified) monitor and, of the scant details so far released by BenQ concerning the ‘streamlined’ V2400W, is detailed as sporting a 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio LCD with an impressive 2ms response time, a touch control panel and HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs.

We await full specifications concerning the V2400W with great interest though, at this juncture, and in mind of the fact that information concerning the V2400W appears to be held so closely to BenQ’s collective chest, we are beginning to wonder whether it is indeed the V2400W’s form that’s equitable to that of the B2 or whether its rather more to do with the level of secrecy that surrounds its actual capabilities.

For those interested in BenQ’s official press release concerning their up and coming V2400W LCD monitor, which is very much a case of style over substance, here it is:

The BenQV2400W’s streamlined curve is made possible by advanced Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) Injection Technology which enables new shapes and designs to be molded beyond the traditional boxiness. BenQ V2400W measures 563.8×369.4×191.7 and weighs 6.7 KG only.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, March 10, 2008 – With the release of its new V2400W premium LCD display, BenQ not only debuts the world’s slimmest 24″ widescreen LCD monitor, but creates a new lifestyle trend in computer hardware design that targets the sophisticated, stylish consumer. The V2400W, in fact, recently received the internationally-renowned iF Design Award, a prestigious and coveted recognition of outstanding design that is vied for by the world’s most elite companies.

Combining unexpected asymmetry and the aerodynamic curves of the B-2 stealth bomber, the V2400W is the world’s first glimpse into BenQ’s newly evolved Kinergy Design. This unique blend of dynamic energy, kinetic beauty and unconventional perspective elevates technology beyond the utilitarian to opulent art that expresses personal taste, social identity and lifestyle enjoyment. Even with high-end technology including a 4000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, new RHCM injection process and full 1080p HD support, the V2400W’s technical features are secondary to the product’s visually arresting design.

Computer Hardware: The Newest Art Form

The BenQ brand has long stood for innovation in design and technology with products engineered for superior performance and optimum lifestyle enhancement. The new V2400W takes that reputation, company mission and industry as a whole one step further – creating a new level of consumer expectation and desire where technology becomes more than utility, but art that symbolizes beauty, elegance, personality and luxury. The V2400W’s streamlined curve is made possible by advanced Rapid Heat Cycle Molding (RHCM) Injection Technology which enables new shapes and designs to be molded beyond the traditional boxiness. In addition to unlocking imagination in design, this high-end tooling also delivers casing that is smoother, stronger and more solid.

“The V2400W is inspired by the B2 stealth bomber, evoking a sense of mystery, awe and the elite” said Manfred Wang, Director of the BenQ Lifestyle Design Center.

“In addition, the display’s asymmetry exemplifies our new design philosophy,” continued Wang. “One is captivated by its suspended energy, expecting the screen to tilt. But it stands still, as if time were frozen and the movement paused.”

Torque and friction between the metallic parts of the hinge were precisely calculated so that the right-sided stand can safely support the 24″ widescreen and also provide the flexibility to adjust viewing angles. An overall mirror-black finish highlights the monitor’s premium status.

Exquisitely slim, the V2400W is only 2.44 inches at its thickest point, making it the world’s thinnest 24″ widescreen LCD – more than 21% slimmer than the next thinnest LCD monitor…even at the V2400W’s thickest point. A subtle blue LED and slick touch controls elegantly accent the V2400W.

Advanced Technologies

Positioned as a premium luxury-lifestyle product, the V2400W performs accordingly. HDMI with HDCP, DVI-D and VGA inputs offer future-proof high-definition connectivity as well as compatibility. BenQ’s proprietary Senseye+photo™ Human Vision Technology provides vividly realistic, true-to-life colors. Five preset modes – Dynamic, Photo, Standard, Movie and sRGB – simplify optimized viewing at the touch of a button. The V2400W is also NSTL-compliant for superior color precision consistent from monitor to printer to digital camera to any visual device. The V2400W’s exceptional 4000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio additionally intensifies black to new levels, revealing even the subtlest dark details in extraordinary clarity and precision. And for displaying video in crisp, clean detail free of blur and ghosting, the V2400W incorporates Ben Q Advanced Motion Accelerator Technology (AMA) for super-fast 2ms GTG response time.

The V2400W is available end of March in China and Asia; and available April in Europe and N. America.

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