Friday, September 25, 2009


white-rose1I am infatuated with Rosalba. She’s floral (meaning “white rose”), lush, yet not overly frilly and feminine. The ‘-ba’ ending is so unusual and kicky, and even slightly sultry. Along with Rosalind she’s my favorite of the Rose names. I’ve got some combinations for her; one relatively old, and six new creations.

Rosalba Melantho- Ah! I want to break out in song when I see or say her. So utterly lush, she’s like dark chocolate ganache cake with raspberries. I’ve had her on my short list for a month or two, and I’m liking her. Melantho may sound sinister, as she was a very minor villain in The Odyssey, but I don’t think most will make the connection. Nontrendy girls’ “O” endings are so hard to come by! Melantho is possibly for one of my mother’s best friends, Melanie, who is very kind to us. Another thing I just noticed- the names are slightly

Rosalba Ursuline- Is this taking the villain thing to far, with Ursula the Sea Witch? Even without the connection she may be a little dark for a girl to carry, but she’s graceful and pretty to look at.

Rosalba Valentine- She does look very cutesy, and the only significant connection I have to Valentine other than her sound is the character from Ender’s Game. *Blushes at blatant geekiness* Too much?

Rosalba Georgianne- Significantly lighter than the previous three, Georgianne reminds me of Jane Austen and the countryside (I think this is because of Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana).

Rosalba Leonore- Leonore is for my grandma Nora, which has more meaning than nearly all of my other combinations here. Leonore reminds me of Poe’s Lenore, a bit broodin. She’s also a little medieval; I think castles and chivalry and the like!

Rosalba Constance- Here, Constance does what she appears to be- constant and stabilizes Rosalba. Another slightly medieval one, she’s really cool too. Constance was the mother of King Frederick II Hohenstaufen, whom she left with Pope Innocent III for his own protection. Minor character in history, yes, but as we learn more in Ancient Civ I’m finding a greater appreciation for some of these names!

Rosalba Julianne- Everyone will agree with me when I say this is the most “normal” and mainstream of the options. Julianne is my auntie’s name, so I think it would be great to include her in there. Perhaps too mundane?

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