Friday, September 25, 2009

Lumix TZ5There are a lot of digital cameras in the market. Some people may have their own dream cameras that have the specifications that they need. Nevertheless, people are still canvassing and searching for the perfect and best digital camera for them. Such cameras can be given as gifts, rewards and a necessity. Having that camera that suits your lifestyle with a picture quality you want can make a difference in your life. More so, your captured photos shall remain memoirs of your past.
Because of that constant finding and improvement of the cameras, Panasonic has been able to add another camera to their line. The Lumix DMC TZ5 is the newest member of the Panasonic Family. It was made to have a resolution higher than those already released and it was also installed with the most up-to-date advancements in technology.
This camera has the Leica DC Vario-Elmar which is branded F3.3 – F.49 for the 10x optical zoom lens and is branded. The said camera has also a 3.0” high resolution LCD with around 460,000 resolution for its pixel.
The battery is a Lithium Ion one and has around a bit lesser 300 shots per charge because it has a bigger and much power-hungry display.
Red-eye correction and Intelligent exposure features has also been included in the camera. This intelligent exposure ensures that the photos taken will be the best of the best. Individuals will now be more confident in taking pictures since there are no under- or even over-exposed pictures. This camera adjusts automatically depending on the brightness of the environment it is exposed to. The digital correction for the red-eye feature on the other hand ensures the photo enthusiasts that they also need not to worry about editing it. The camera will do this for you.
Individuals also do not need to worry about the picture getting blurred because of their shaky hands. The camera is able to prevent this from happening because of its Gyrosensors and its Intelligent ISO. The camera is also able to detect if the photo subject is moving thus changing the ISO and shutter speed settings automatically.
It has an intelligent scene selector that checks the conditions of the environment and chooses the best scene mode to create a brilliant photo. The Face detection feature has also been included which can point out up to 15 faces.
There are of course a lot more features of this incredible camera. And if you are interested in purchasing one, just be patient because its availability is around March of this year. Just make sure you are able to cash out $320 for its price.

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