Friday, September 25, 2009

One summer early in the Wattle Woods history I dug out some old roses from a friend's garden and moved them into the country. This red rose came with hardly any roots - yet it has survived!

Shifting in Summer

I shifted two car loads of plants that hot summer's day - Hostas (my very first plants), Ajuga, Ligularias, Rhododendrons and Peonies, as well as two tall, old rose bushes. My friend thought the red rose was a tea rose but didn't know its name.

I wasn't at all sure the rose would survive - or indeed any of my new plants. They were coming from a shady, moist garden in the city to the hot dry winds and sandy soil of the Moosey garden. And moving gardens during the very middle week of summer is a risky business for any plant.


Well, all the plants did survive - helped by some inspired watering and winter-style pruning - and the power of positive thought. Plus a lot of beginner's luck!

Thanks, Judith Ann, for your contributions to the Moosey garden. Your favourite old red rose is still flowering, as beautiful as ever.


The garden area which Judith Ann's lovely plants were moved into became known (and is still known) as the JAM garden.

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