Friday, September 25, 2009

Argus Disposable Digital CameraJust functional is probably the best description of the Argus disposable digital camera. It’s cheap, very cheap and is probably the closest qualifier for a disposable digital camera.
Digital cameras have dropped a lot in price, with the higher range features seeping down through the range. The Argus manages to hit an even cheaper cheap at only $15. Now digital cameras have not got a reputation for being disposable, as they are just a little too expensive, and don’t offer the same level of cheapness as regular disposable cameras.
The Argus disposable digital camera offers a very plain set of features.
640 x 480 maximum resolution
JPEG pictures
No zoom
Focus from 1.5m to inifinity
Takes AAA batteries
The resolution is low and probably only enough to print small pics, but the intention is for the pictures to never leave the digital realm. For uploading to websites and stuff, it does the trick.
The best part about the Argus disposable digital camera is how simple it is. As there are so few options to use, there is only a shutter button, you use a traditional viewfinder to line everything up before taking the picture.
There is a USB port on the side of the camera to get the pictures off, and there is no memory stick or any memory expansion, everything must fit on the 2MB that is built-in.
This does perfect as a disposable digital camera and you loose very little if it gets lost or broken and at $15 there is absolutely no reason not to just try it out. It makes a great camera for kids too.

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