Thursday, October 29, 2009

The W890 is one of the newer Walkman phones around.its dimension are extremely compact, and the phone is very slim(half the size of N95). The screen although small sports a high resolution of 240×320 pixels and at 78 grams the W890 won’t damage your shirt pocket. Build quality is also pretty good, and although metal hasn’t been used in the construction everything feels solid and well put together even after a week of usage.
The keypads is slightly cramped, but taking into consideration that this is a small phone Sony has done a commendable job of using every available millimeter of space to prevent the keypad from becoming a serious hindrance to usage.The W890 is a snappy phone, and it has a nice 3.15 megapixel camera that offers some good result. In terms of connectivity the W890 is loaded, and WiFi is the only trick it misses out on. If you are looking for  a very compact, light phone with a good music quality and a good camera then W890 makes a good buy.

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