Thursday, October 29, 2009

Heavily Armoured Foe

Nokia’s 6500 has the best slider mechanism one has seen from any Nokia phone barring the Sirocco. Its outer body is built out of brush steel, which exudes a quality feel. Needless to say the phone’s heavy, although you’d be hard pressed to find better quality. The keypad is well laid out but the buttons are a little flat. The quality of accessories is as good as we’ve seen, and a TV out cable has been provided; just like N95 and the N82-both much costlier phones! The 2.2-inch screen features a high resolution of 240×320 pixels and has a rich 16 million colors. Camera and music playback quality are well above the par, although not enough to sway a purchasing decision solely on their performance.
Although it is well built, the look itself is unexciting, and may not inspire interest when compared to its beautiful siblings the 6500 slides makes a good buy for some one looking for a feature-rich, usable and very sturdy cellphone. Expect too much in the way of good looks from it and you’re going to be disappointed.

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